katy (ravrkittie) wrote,

good nite..bad nite..whatever

So work as always wasn't the greatest money wise..but i made it fun...whoevers pendulum sampler cd that was by the turntables...i made a copy of it and decided to dance to it at work....so not only was tarantula on it..but this other wicked song that rob (rob*brisk on here) played when i was in cali needless to say..i was excited...(the cheap alcohol i got on the way to work prolly played a part in it..but who cares)...and it's fun dancing to jungle...and a little bit of emo-ish type stuff in there too (insert your laughter here)....

What the hell happened to me..am I turning into a jungle kid..wtf...no this is not allowed...damn the influence of jungle people..damn u all to hell...tongue...specially hoogs..if ne one sees him..kick him in the head...ok not really...but u get the idea tongue
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