katy (ravrkittie) wrote,

Lets see if I can do this..

I've been lacking on here..becuase basically everyone that reads this is on purerave...but..i'm going to try again to just copy and paste my entries here..lets see if n e one reads it :P

Tuesday April 25, 2006 - 1:26 PM
Like the rockstar that I am

Yup..so I have a couple hours to kill in newark before my last flights..and the first officer has a membership to the presidents club...basically it's where all the business people go and be well..businessey....So i tagged along...too bad i'm working...free food..free alcohol...damn tongue...but ok..that is all...2 more legs (flights) for the trip then i'm finally done..this has been the longest trip ever..but thankfully it's almost over happy....and I can finally get some sleep...smile
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