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Sooo vacation over..it was a blast..and well..then the crap has to take over...

On the way to the airport i get a call telling me i've been reassigned to a new trip..with the awesome montreal overnite...awesomeness..

I get to the airport to find out that my flite was delayed 3 hours...total suck...meaning well..fucked...the initial plan was to come back to my apt here and grab my passport and stuff and then have plenty of time to get to work for my 820 show...course that didn't work...i didn't get to the airport til 730..so i call to see if i can get my showtime pushed back a little bit and found out that the mistrip was already on my sched...I had called earlier and asked if they had n e us overnites..and i guess they took that as me calling in for a mistrip..whatever..that's 2 mistrips in 2 weeks..hopefully I dont get fired..if they do fire me i hop they do it after the 12th

seriously..fuck you continental
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