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PR down

Yup you guessed it..soo that means i'm resorting to the trusty livejournal...maybe i'll post this in pr when it comes back..but apparently some people care where i'm at and what i'm up too...sooo yeah..besides i'm sick of telling the same stories to everyone when they ask why i'm crankyfest, so be prepared for the longest entry ever....

ummm..detroit happened and is over..had pointless tv time with dallas which was awesome..man I <3 the disney channel

Bring it back 3,..man what a wicked party..and being paid to rave well that in itself makes it even cooler...Saw some lovelies that I hadn't seen in awhile and had good drunkfest time... the "waterbottle" is always a good time..ass signings happened, you kno ur big when u sign a chicks ass :P...and aphrodites set, omg yes..i'm still drooling a little bit

Back to the hotel for a nap, trev left then it was off to work for me...got lucky and had my last turn dropped, meaning I could get home early and see my grandparents who were in town for the wknd...well as things usually go, we got freaking delayed in pittsburgh causing me to miss my 455 flite :(..and I just barely got on the 850, which put me in roc too late to do dinner with them..so we made lunch plans

Get a phone call from the grandparents telling me that they decided to leave at 9am..no reason why, just that they decided that..hey thanks for standing me up ya'll..gotta freaking luv family ::rolleyes:: and people wonder why I'm so fucking bitter..but the upside, I got all my roc errands done and was on the 555 back to newark for the nite :(

and that brings me to today...which was also a little suck...

Was supposed to overnite in toronto..and the day started out great with a montreal turn (in case u dont kno what a turn is, it's when u fly somewhere then just turn right back around and go to newark)..well on the way back, the plane decides it wants to break, putting us on a huge maintence delay, therefore making it so that they recrew our toronto trip..putting me in newark on an overnite, god, who wants to stay in newark for a freaking nite...I am soooo bored

And hell, I was sposed to have a pre-thanxgiving with george and bart in canada to try and save some shred of the holiday...so much for that..just another reason the holidays suck..they make those who can't celebrate them feel even more like shit about themselves..fucking wonderful
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