katy (ravrkittie) wrote,

Happy thnxgiving...or not?

So wow..what a freaking day...had my first medical emergency on the flite from cleveland to here (jacksonville)..this really old lady was on my plane..and well..practically unconsious..It was seriously the scariest shit ever, like ok, think k hole, but really old lady with false teeth just like falling out of her mouth cuz she was so out of it...and wouldnt wake up...we had to make an emergency landing in greenville, sc..altho she started coming out of it as we were landing, the paramedics still looked at her, and in the end she ended up back on the plane to here..again tho, scary shit..hopefully I did everything right cuz i dont want to get in shit with work....

Now at the hotel, and man downtown jacksonville sux (theres nothing around...i mean come on..theres no sort of thanksgiving dinner offered here at the hotel, and well everything is closed...but I managed to find an open convience store about a mile away..and luckily it's fl so the convience stores sell wine...so cheap champagne it was...

The walk home was a little interesting...one bum asked me for money..and well i dont carry cash so I couldnt help him out...then later on another one approaches me..the convo kinda went like this:

Me: Sry i dont really carry cash and I can't help u out
Bum dude: I wasn't even going to ask u that (as he notices that I have a plastic bag from the store) I was going to ask if you had n e thing in ur bag to offer me
Me: sry dude but all I have is some wine for myself, sry i can't help u out
Bum: oh ok....walks away
(heres the best part)
Bum as hes walking away: BTW,..u got a phone number?

Like wtf..umm do homeless people have phones..and am i wrong for laughing at this??

In my journeys I found this...(bob is there something we should kno)

and heres me...how i spent thanksgiving...

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