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Viva La Miami

Ok, I would first like to start of by saying..wtf purerave, yes I kno I'm on vaca and all, but seriously, this is a bit too much...I'm seriously considering sending joel a bill...3 cents a day ya'll, whos w me :P..I mean come on..with the whole crew we could maybe buy like 2 beers or something ::lol::

So yeah, in Miami, actaully got here on saturday and jax and justin at the airport (jill and derks flite wasn't getting in til later so we had to fend for ourselves)..rented a car and headed to where else south beach :D....and of course our first stop once we got there was wet willies, how could we not...nachos were acquired and I was told that they are comparable to the goodness of sneaky dee's (i dont really eat nachos so i couldnt agree or disagree)...after one slushi each we were a little buzzed, but hell its vacation, so we had another..then we were ready to take on the ocean..

Saw some naked boobs, only one pair tho, guess it's the slow season :P..then the j's took on the ocean for what I found out later was their first time, it was cool to be able to be a part of that tho :)...then as we were burying justin in the sand (offensively if I may add, pix to come when pr is back up and working)..these random people started talking to us, really what is it with us and randoms

They seemed cool enuf, and we went in on a 12 pack with them, which seemed sketch at first, but they left someone with us (collateral?)...then they come back and drinking commences...then as the girls we are jax and I have to pee, and a lighter needed to be bought...Justin stayed behind w our new friends...we get back (ok so it took us a half hour, but we're just slow like that :P)..then one of our "friends" angel..well lets just say "she" was sitting a way "she" shouldnt have been and we saw a bulge where there should not have been one..we seriously had no idea what to do, like we couldnt be rude but yeah it was there...so we're all like, ummmm we have to pee again we'll be right back (this angel chick was a little weird too trust me) so we gathered up all our stuff then "shes" like, well lemme go with ya'll i have to go too...great ::lol::...so we went to the bathroom and did our thing (yes angel went in the womans and bitched the whole time that the place was so dirty that she pretty much had to stand to pee..ummm)...FINALLY parted ways with them and did our own thing..ok see i have no problem with that kind of thing, but really think of the bitch please dude and that was angel (the j's caught this first but then I finally saw it)...

Walked to the car where justin wanted to nap, but jax and I continued to walk around...sooooo much walking, some heiniken lite was bought and then we walked more, and looked at clothes that we can never afford (895 dollar tank top, are u serious)..then FINALLY we got really tired and just sat on the curb by the car with our beers (yes we are that charmingly ghetto even in miami)..then this dude approaches jax and asks her for a lite, then asks if we want to go somewhere for a drink...and well, we were a little sketchy til he pulls out these free drink coupons for a bar right near where we were and gives them to us..so we end up at a gay bar..totally harmless...random right...

Then 10 finally came and it was time to get derk and jill, man we drank a lot

and damn this freaking entry was long..and that was just one day..
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